28th November 2017
Panasonic extends warranty scheme
Panasonic has launched a new warranty scheme for heating and cooling products bought in the UK, offering up to seven years of cover.

The company says the scheme, which is effectve from 1st December, is designed to provide a range of options for installers.  The extended warranty periods of five and seven years are dependent on the installer successfuly completing the relevant training from Panasonic or an authorised distributor.
Paul Aitchison, Technical Manager, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions, said: “Our range of warranties gives peace of mind to those specifying, installing and using Panasonic heating and cooling solutions. Linking the Extended and Extended+ warranties to training adds value for installers and their customers, ensuring they are compliant, competent and fully trained to install Panasonic heating & cooling products safely and correctly.” 
For installers to offer their customers the standard three year warranty on products from Aquarea air to water ranges, they must be able to show a knowledge and understanding of heat pumps. For Panasonic’s air to air products, they must be F-Gas registered.
For the extended warranty period of five years, installers will need to complete a Panasonic training course with an assessment test at the end. Successful participants will then be issued with a unique ID to enable them to offer their customers the five year warranty on all purchases of Panasonic heating & cooling products (subject to terms & conditions and the requisite maintenance checks).
For those selected and trained Installers, Panasonic will extend the warranty period to seven years if the installer submits the warranties to the Panasonic PRO Club website. Installers will need to load the Panasonic-approved commissioning documents to the Panasonic PRO Club, accessing the warranty area with their unique ID (no proof of purchase required), ensuring that the products and installation are traceable. The installer will receive an added benefit of higher rates for maintenance and repairs. In order to maintain the extended warranty, the installations must be maintained by a Panasonic-approved installer.
The old warranty submission scheme on the Panasonic PRO Club site and based on installations prior to 1 November conditions will close for new applications on 30 November. All purchases under the new warranty scheme will benefit from full parts and labour allowance.


12th September 2017
Panasonic from Heronhill

Heronhill have been working closely with Panasonic for the last 18 months, as a distributor, specialising in low temperature and niche projects, identifying new markets, and maximising the potential of the range.  We have been very impressed with the quality of the product, the flexibility of its controls and adaptability to suit a diverse range of applications.

Panasonic compliments Heronhill's existing range of low temperature air conditioning systems, Marstair, Friax and Wine Guardian, but with the added benefit of Inverter & VRF technology and sophisticated controls. We will be actively involved in promoting Panasonic's complete range of residential and commercial air conditioning systems to build on the success of the low temperature sales for which we are renowned.

We have already supplied many Panasonic low temperature systems for wine cellars, funeral directors, farm shops and food preparation areas. We were the first distributor to use Panasonic's VRF system for a low temperature application which was used in a high end grocer's retail outlet in Chelsea, where the day temperature of 14 degrees C drops to 8 degrees C at night using the control's time clock and dual set point facility.

Another first for Panasonic was using one of their Elite indoor units to operate in a butchers preparation area,   maintaining 10 degrees C which is connected to a refrigeration pack system serving refrigerated display cases and walk in freezers, using R449A refrigerant. 


Panasonic have recently introduced their Love2Shop voucher reward scheme for all PACi systems and their popular PRO Club website  Panasonic Pro Club provides installers with valuable information and support.

Our experienced technical sales team are ready to assist you with your Panasonic enquiries.


For details of the rest of our extensive portfolio, please check out our website or contact our sales team on 01823 665660 


10th April 2017
600 Million and counting

Sensorist system monitoring pharmacy

The more we hear about the Sensorist monitoring system the more impressed we become.

We've recently been talking to some of the large UK pharmaceutical chains about Sensorist and how easy it is to install. It makes sense that as a Danish company they'd be strong in their home market, nevertheless, it's impressive to hear that Sensorist systems are now installed in nearly 25% of all Danish pharmacies.

That’s a lot of pharmacies that are no longer having to take their daily temperature readings. It also means that if they do have a problem with their temperature controlled storage they’re notified before the medicines are outside of their proper storage range. Weekend or evening it doesn’t matter Sensorist will send an email or a message to your smartphone.

But it’s not only in Denmark Sensorist are strong, they’re now sold in 45 countries and to date they have made more than 600 million measurements around the world.

Sensorist displays

If you’d like more information about Sensorist for pharmaceutical applications, or anywhere that temperature or humidity monitoring are important please give us a call: 01823 665 660 there's also more information on our Wine Cellar website.


3rd January 2017
Our Wine Cellar Cooling website


For the start of 2017 we've launched a minisite specifically to spotlight our Wine Cellar Cooling products. At the moment it has information on both Wine Guardian and Friax units. Sales brochures and Technical Information can be download from the Contractors info section.

We're planning to add further information over the next few weeks, our aim is to make the site into a resource for architects, designers and contractors. If you have a moment we'd appreciate you taking a look:


10th October 2016
Toshiba spares price increase held for a month!

Toshiba spares logo

Due to exchange rate fluctuation, Toshiba have increased their spare parts prices by 5% with immediate effect.  This has been as a result of changes in the exchange rate between Stirling, the Dollar and the Yen that have arisen since Brexit. Although this is not a true reflection of the increase with Toshiba absorbing a larger proportion in order to maintain a competitive edge.

However, being the UK's largest stockist of Toshiba spares gives us the opportunity to support our customers wherever possible. We will, therefore, delay passing on the increase until 1st November 2016.

We hope this will give you time to chase up any existing quotes you may have and build up any stock you may need for winter service & maintenance work before the price increase comes into effect. 

If you are not the correct person within your company to receive this information can you please forward this onto your colleagues & advise us so that we can update our records accordingly.  Thank you for your continued support.

Toshiba spares warehouse

Toshiba Stock Take

Toshiba's annual spares stock-take means their warehouse will be closed from 8th - 17th October. If you buy spares direct from Toshiba, they won't be able to accept orders during that time.Heronhill will be open as usual during that time. Our huge Toshiba spares inventory means we should be able to meet your requirement during the Toshiba closure.

For help with Toshiba spares or anything else we offer call 01823 665660.


7th May 2015
Inoac now available in White!


We are pleased to to advise that Inoac is now available in White. The market leader in trunking and fittings, Inoac is now available in both ivory and white.

Competitively priced and produced to the highest of standards, this top quality versatile range of PVC trunking is designed to hide unsightly pipework in air conditioning, refrigeration and heating applications. It is aesthetically pleasing and will blend in with an assortment of environments, being suitable for both internal and external applications.

Not only has it become the preferred choice for installers and specifiers within the HVAC industry, but it is quickly becoming recognised as the superior alternative to the conduit that electricians and electrical contractors use.  The trunking comes in 2 metre lengths and is available in four sizes (60mm, 75mm, 100mm & 140mm).

There are a comprehensive range of fittings available so it is no wonder that this flexible product has become the discerning engineers choice - creating the perfect solution to complete a smart installation where sub standard 'economy' trunking is not acceptable. With the most popular colour being ivory, a white alternative is now available.

Substantial stocks of Inoac are held in the UK and are readily available from all good wholesalers, Nationwide.


1st December 2014
Price Change Notification!

Marstair has reviewed its pricing structure for the New Year and wish to advise you that all cellar cooling systems and MRC(+) refrigeration condensing units are simply having their list prices rounded up to the nearest £5.00.

There has been continued pressure on HVAC & refrigeration component costs throughout 2014 and this looks certain to continue throughout 2015 due to the effects of energy prices and new legislation.  Unfortunately, it is therefore necessary to make some adjustments where costs have been most affected during this period. 

The price review is summarised below:-

Refrigeration (MRC/MRC+)

0.0% or negligible

Cellar Coolers CX (E) CKC systems

0.0% or negligible

Cellar Coolers CXA (E) CKA systems

0.0% or negligible

Marstair Range (MCU/DCU+, CD3, cassettes, wall mounts, DXD’s)


All Marstair Accessories



3.0% (average)

Impact, HLR and all E control systems remain as price on application

Prices will be held on any order placed before 1st January 2015 with a delivery date prior to 31st January 2015.


4th February 2014
Heronhill appointed Wine Guardian Distributor

Please click on the following link which will show you the range of low temperature equipment we sell, including Wine Guardian:-

If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of the sales team who will be more than happy to help.



18th October 2010
Marstair Refrigeration Condensing Units now ECA approved!

Marstair, a division of TEV Ltd., have just announced that with effect from the 1st October their MRC+ range of 13 units from size 50 to 180 have been added to the Energy Technology List and as such are eligible for the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance.

MRC+The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme will provide 100% tax relief for the MRC+ Refrigeration Condensing Unit product range, in the same tax year as the purchase is made. As well as the added tax incentive, investing in the MRC+ product range could reduce a company's energy bills. A further benefit still would be the reduction in a company's Climate Change Levy, thus providing significant long-term savings from the initial investment in the product.

Chris Chisman, Marstair's Operations Manager explained that "customers would now be able to benefit from all the design work carried out by our engineers to make sure our products are some of the most efficient in the market".

If you would like further information about the MRC+ range please call Heronhill on 01823 665660 or visit