4th February 2014
Heronhill appointed Wine Guardian Distributor

Please click on the following link which will show you the range of low temperature equipment we sell, including Wine Guardian:-

If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of the sales team who will be more than happy to help.



26th April 2013
Price Change Notification!

Marstair has reviewed its pricing structure and are pleased to inform you that many refrigeration products will not have their prices increased at this time.  However, Marstair do intend to complete a second review before the end of the year.  In this way, they will realign themselves with the rest of the industry by offering a new price list at the start of the calendar year.  There has been pressure on HVAC & refrigeration component costs throughout 2012 and this looks certain to continue throughout 2013 due to the effects of currency fluctuations and new legislation.

Unfortunately, it is therefore necessary to make some adjustments where these costs have been most affected during this period.  Marstair will continue to try and minimise the effect of raw material cost increases in future and continue to offer quality UK manufactured products at competitive prices.

The price review is summarised below and is effective from 1st June 2013:-

Refrigeration (MRC/MRC+)

No increase

Cellar Coolers CX (E) CKC systems

No increase

Cellar Coolers CXA (E) CKA systems

No increase

Marstair Range (MCU/DCU+, CD3, cassettes, wall mounts, DXD’s)


All Marstair Accessories



4.9% (average)

Impact, HLR and all E control systems remain as price on application

Prices will be held on any order placed before 1st June 2013 with a delivery date prior to 28th June (last working day)


18th October 2010
Marstair Refrigeration Condensing Units now ECA approved!

Marstair, a division of TEV Ltd., have just announced that with effect from the 1st October their MRC+ range of 13 units from size 50 to 180 have been added to the Energy Technology List and as such are eligible for the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance.

MRC+The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme will provide 100% tax relief for the MRC+ Refrigeration Condensing Unit product range, in the same tax year as the purchase is made. As well as the added tax incentive, investing in the MRC+ product range could reduce a company's energy bills. A further benefit still would be the reduction in a company's Climate Change Levy, thus providing significant long-term savings from the initial investment in the product.

Chris Chisman, Marstair's Operations Manager explained that "customers would now be able to benefit from all the design work carried out by our engineers to make sure our products are some of the most efficient in the market".

If you would like further information about the MRC+ range please call Heronhill on 01823 665660 or visit