Crowne Plaza, Mezemiso Bar

Three temperature zone Wine Cabinet and Humidor

clients brief:Temperature & humidity control of 3-zone wine cabinet and humidor
designers:ADS Design and RPW Design
cabinet designer:Martek Contracts
contractor:Runnymede Response
equipment:Friax EVA Vintage evaporators and inverter condensing units

Specialist joinery company Martek Contracts approached us to assist with the design of the Wine Cabinet and Humidor for the Crowne Plaza hotel located on London's Albert Embankment.

We later found they were intended for the Mezemiso bar in the hotel's stunning new sky terrace. Located on the 15th floor of the hotel with its floor to ceiling windows the bar has views across the Thames.

The specification for the Wine Cabinet was challenging; the shape of the bar reflects the curves of the river, and the Wine Cabinet was to mirror the bar. The cabinet, with its convex and concave doors, has no straight lines. To add to the challenge, the bar is serving white wine, champagne and red wine all needing to be held at the perfect temperatures for serving.

We were able to use the small form-factor of Friax's EVA Vintage evaporators running from a single inverter controlled condensing unit to achieve the three temperature zones. The Vintage version of the EVA evaporators includes Friax's humidification system, eliminating the need for any further equipment to fit into the minimal footprint.

After the challenge of the Wine Cabinet providing the cooling and humidification for the bar's bespoke humidor with its single temperature and humidity zone was far more straight forward.

It was a pleasure to work with both Martek Contracts and refrigeration installer Runnymeade Response.