DEFRA Guidance for Refrigerant End Users

DEFRA Guidance for Refrigerant End Users


The UK Government's Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have issued a guidance leaflet aimed at end users of refrigerants. It aims to highlight changes to help users understand why refrigeration and air conditioning contractors are pressing for them to implement the use of alternative refrigerants in commercial refrigeration use.

REFCOM amongst others has been pressing DEFRA for support in spreading the messages about future service bans. REFCOM pushed for the guidance when it's members were being faced with end users who do not understand why their service bills have risen so steeply and why they are being asked to invest in alternative refrigerant use.

They have asked DEFRA to amend the opening paragraph which suggests that the forthcoming ban on 1 January 2020 affects “all” refrigerants with a GWP of over 2500. The ban only applies to new, or virgin, refrigerants. Recycled or reclaimed refrigerants above 2500 GWP can still be used for servicing or repair until 1 January 2030.

This could a useful tool for contractors to explain the upcoming changes.

Download the guidance