Butterfly House, Jersey Zoo

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

clients brief:Environmental Close Control
consultant:Durrell Site Services
contractor:IS Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
equipment:Panasonic ducted heat pumps and Fabricair air sock ventilation system

In keeping with many of Durrell's conservation projects, the Butterfly House simulates tropical conditions to preserve endangered species.

Heronhill worked closely with Durrell Site Services and IS Air Conditioning to create an optimum environment to enhance the breeding programme of rare butterflies and a habitiat conducive to protect the species. 

150kW of Panasonic ducted heat pumps were used to create a day time temperature of 28-30 degrees C and a night time condition of 20-24 degrees C. Heronhill utilised a Fabricair air sock system to ensure optimum air distribution whilst reducing velocity to cause minimum disruption to the butterflies.