The SensorPush system will monitor any space, giving real-time data and alarms on your smartphone. The range of sensors offer different features, but all the sensors monitor temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint.

SensorPush sensors can be used in two ways: pair a sensor with the smartphone app, then whenever the phone comes in range of the sensor, it’ll download the accumulated data. Alternatively, by adding a SensorPush Gateway, all the data is available to view online, forever, via the same app.

Set high and low alarms; then, wherever you are in the world, the SensorPush system will send you an alarm if the readings go out of range. All the data is available to view online, forever. You can look at historical data, follow trends over days, weeks and months.

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  • The SensorPush G1 Gateway works with HT1 sensors to monitor temperature and humidity within a space. Standard UK...

    £102.86ex VAT
  • The SensorPush HT.w, from the second generation of sensors, now includes barometric pressure to complement the...

    £72.90ex VAT
  • The SensorPush HT1 is the ideal solution for monitoring humidity and temperature conditions over time.Standard UK...

    £52.08ex VAT
  • The HTP.xw Extreme Accuracy Water-Resistant Temperature / Humidity / Barometric Pressure Sensor pairs effortlessly...

    £93.74ex VAT

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items