SensorPush Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

SensorPush Temperature & Humidity Monitoring


The SensorPush system provides temperature and humidity monitoring in a small cost-effective package.

Multiple Sensors can be connected to a Gateway making the data available to view online via a smartphone app. A website will be available shortly giving even more functionality.

We originally came across SensorPush when looking for a solution to meet the needs of our wine cellar customers, but SensorPush proved to be much more than that. We can see this product being useful in a range of applications.

We’ve had a number of Sensors on test for a while, the system has proved to be accurate and very reliable. Measuring just 40 x 40 x 16.5mm the Sensors are tiny, ideal for any location.

We particularly like that all the settings can be controlled from your smartphone. So if the client is away from home and they decide they need to add or change an alarm setting it’s all there.

Sensors and Gateways are in stock ready for despatch. Further information here.

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