Big Foot Fix-It Foot Supports

The neat and tidy rubber Fix-it Foot is simple, durable and comes in a variety of sizes.

Extra clearance can be created using a High Bloc which fits underneath.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Big Foot Fix-It Foot Supports

A quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting pipework, ductwork, cable trays and even condensing units on a flat roof.

Designed to support light loads. Each Fix-It Foot has 40 x 20mm aluminium channel recessed into the top face, allowing fixing of the services resting across the feet. The Fix-it-Foot is made of durable recycled rubber, which offers built-in anti-vibration, and makes it an economical and environmentally responsible piece of kit.

  • Neat and tidy support solution that offers on-site flexibility
  • Spreads the weight of the supported plant, without penetrating the waterproof membrane
  • Each foot can be moved individually to allow easy maintenance of the roof surface without removing or decommissioning services

Fix-It comes in four lengths for the standard height (95mm) and three lengths for the low height (50mm):
See the separate High Blocs if you need to raise things up a little.

DescriptionPart no.LengthWidthHeightWeightMax. Load
250 (10")B67352509 3161807 116953 342.45.382181
400 (16")B673640015 341807 116953 343.57.8128282
600 (24")B673760023 581807 116953 345.812.7224494
1000 (40")B9096100039 381807 116953 349.921.9295650
250 (10") LowB90432509 3161305 18501 15161.32.982181
400 (16") LowB904540015 341305 18501 15162.14.5128282
500 (20") LowB936850019 11161305 18501 15162.55.4134295

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