Ultralite Mounting Pads

Ultralite® Slabs look and perform like concrete slabs but at only 13kg they are lightweight and very easy to handle and transport.

So give your aching back a rest and use Ultralite® Slabs to mount all your air conditioning units and domestic air source heat pumps.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

UltraLite Equipment Mounting Pads

The UltraLite® Equipment Pads are composed of Type I expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) having a nominal 16.0 kg/m3 density. The pads are moulded in a form in which a cement slurry and polypropylene fiber mat are bonded to five sides of the EPS foam.

The pad is available in both a 51mm or 76mm thickness. The composite coating is approximately 6.0mm thick on the pad surface.

In normal usage conditions an equipment pad can be exposed to a variety of chemicals. The Ultralite® Slab has been fully tested in accordance with ASTM D2299 for resistance against: all refrigerants, compressor oils, salt solution and synthetic canine urine.

The Ultralite® Slab has been independently tested to the rigorous freeze-thaw regimen specified by ASTM C67. This standard dictates a 25 cycle freeze-thaw sequence. The freeze portion of the sequence takes place with the top surface of the slab under 12mm of water. Once 25 cycles are complete the slab is examined for cracks and crazing. The Ultralite ® Slab performed flawlessly.

Part CodeDescriptionLengthWidthDepthSafe Working Load
UC-1636-251mm UltraLite Slab900mm400mm51mm343 kg
UC-2424-251mm UltraLite Slab600mm600mm51mm270 kg
UC-2448-376mm UltraLite Slab1200mm600mm76mm703 kg

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