Marstair Greenheat Heat Recovery System

The GreenHeat refrigeration condensing unit system captures the waste heat from refrigeration cabinets that would normally be lost to the atmosphere and uses it as background heating to warm the store. Reducing both heating bills and the equipment carbon footprint.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Marstair Greenheat (MRC+GH) Heat Recovery System

With rising energy costs and the increasing threat of climate change ways of reducing energy consumption are becoming ever more critical. Marstair has developed the Greenheat version of their refrigeration condensing units.

Available for both medium and low-temperature applications the GH version of the MRC+ condensing units enables heat that would normally be released into the atmosphere to be diverted to a heat recovery device without any modification to the condensing unit.

The MRC+GH comes complete with solenoid valves, electrics and pipework enabling simple quick connection to the heat recovery or storage device.

  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets
  • Cold Rooms
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Beer Cellars
  • Wine Cellars
  • Air Conditioning
  • Low-Temperature Air Conditioning
  • Close Control Systems

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