Marstair CO2 Cassette Evaporator with Hotgas Heating

An innovative range of cassettes fitted with a CO2 evaporator cooling circuit and a CO2 hot gas heating cicuit specifically designed for comfort cooling.

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Marstair CO2 Cassette Evaporators with Hot Gas Heating

An innovative range of cassettes fitted with a CO2 evaporator cooling circuit and a CO2 hot gas heating circuit specifically designed for comfort cooling. These simple to install and quiet evaporators offer the ability to deliver comfort cooling and heating at the higher pressures required for CO2 refrigerant. The hot gas heating circuit is for recycling the waste heat produced from the CO2 pack.

This allows all your refrigeration and air conditioning needs to be supplied through the one CO2 pack, creating a more efficient system and eradicating the need for separate split systems for space cooling and heating.

Units are available with a range of cooling duties from 2.9 to 8.2kW for comfort cooling and a range of heating duties. The lightweight, one-piece, removable chassis allows total access to all mechanical and electrical connections. The units deliver long air throws and low sound levels.

  • CO2 only for low-temperature food preparation areas
  • CO2 only for cooling only comfort cooling
  • Hotgas only for heating using recovered heat from the CO2 pack
  • Combined CO2 and Hotgas for comfort cooling and heating
  • Cooling Circuit - Coils tested to 90barg Maximum operating pressure 60barg
  • Heating Circuit - Coils tested to 140barg
  • Maximum operating pressure 120barg
  • Units supplied with coil thermostat for passive defrosting
  • Electric heating of up to 4kW available
  • Units fitted with 0.5m lift condensate pump
  • 4-way discharge cassette
  • Low sound levels
  • Long Air throws
  • Removable 1 piece lightweight chassis
  • Integral easy to clean chassis
  • Easy access filters
  • All services accessible from one corner
  • Provision for fresh air inlet or branch duct outlet
  • AC and EC fan options available

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