Ecor Pro DH3500 Desiccant Dehumidifiers

A compact size building dryer available in either a painted galvanised steel or stainless steel construction with carrying handles on four feet.

Used for building drying, protection of garages, warehouses, server rooms, industrial processes. Can be carried by one person and transported easily.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Ecor Pro DH3500 & DH3500 Inox Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Designed in the UK as a unit fit for commercial applications. The DH3500 is Ecor Pro’s 3-hole desiccant industrial dehumidifier built to the highest standard with very solid construction.  Input process air is dust filtered and dried. Both input wet air (process air) and output dry air can be ducted with a 120mm duct.  Wet exhaust air can be ducted via an 80mm duct.

Product Features

  • 46 Litre Domestic & Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Uses “4 hole” technology ideal for homes, offices, test chambers etc
  • Low energy consumption in use for large extraction capacity
  • Strong enough even for the hire industry or public spaces
  • Very quiet for the large extraction
  • Compact all metal construction
  • Ideal for applications where drying is needed continuously
  • Ideal for main use below 17°C
  • Can be used to dry even at -20°C
  • Foam pre-filter
  • Removable metal carrying handle on four feet.
  • Amp meter & Run hour meter
  • On / Off controls
  • Can be used with use remote humidistat – OPTIONAL
  • Wet air-out / Regen air-in ducted with 80mm diameter ducting – OPTIONAL
  • Damp air-in / Dry air-out can be ducted with 125mm diameter ducting – OPTIONAL
SpecificationsDH3500DH3500 INOX
Typical extraction @27°C / 60% RH33 litre/day33 litre/day
Airflow (process)400 m3/hr400 m3/hr
Airflow (regen)125 m3/hr125 m3/hr
Power supply230V 1ph 50Hz230V 1ph 50Hz
Current @27°C / 60% RH6.0 amps6.0 amps
Power @27°C / 60% RH1.5 kW1.5 kW
UK plug fuse rating13 amp13 amp
Operating temperature range-20 / +40°C-20 / +40°C
Noise level49 (dB)49 (dB)
IP ratingIPx1IPx1
Dimensions (L x D x H)560 x 352 x 345mm560 x 352 x 345mm
Weight net / gross19.8kg / 20.5kg19.8kg / 20.5kg
Max. process air inlet duct length6m6m
Max. process air outlet duct length6m6m
Max. wet air out duct length6m6m

The DH3500 building dryer is slightly larger than the DH2500.  The DH2500 building dryer is used where pressure neutrality is not an issue & capacity need is less. The DH3500 can dry a room pressure neutral.

Neutrality may be important.  If wet air is ducted outside a building, then air from outside the building must come in to replace it.  15% of air is exhausted during operation with the DH2500.

The DH3500 building dryer can also be used like the DH2500 building dryer just with one duct venting wet air out.

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