Pego ECP202 Expert Cold Room Control Panel

Control panel for cold rooms with single-phase compressor up to 2 HP, specially designed to provide safety, protection, control and easy-installation – all in one unit. It allows complete control of all the components on a refrigeration system.

Very similar in design and function to Danfoss Optyma control panels.

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Pego ECP202 Expert Cold Room Control Panel

The ECP202 Expert allows the complete control of single-phase static or ventilated refrigeration systems up to 2 HP, with off-cycle or electrical defrosting and direct or pump-down compressor stop. Control of single-phase evaporating unit with solenoid valve and remote condensing unit enable.

Pego panels are very similar in design and function to Danfoss Optyma control panels.

It allows the user to control all the components on a refrigerating system: compressor, evaporator fans, defrosting elements and room light.

  • Direct control of compressor, defrost heaters, evaporator fans and room light with live outputs directly connectable to the various devices or free voltage contacts.
  • Built-in differential MCB for protection and cut-off of the refrigeration unit.
  • Innovative, stylish design. Lockable transparent cover for access to the MCB, all with IP65 protection rating.
  • 2 auxiliary relays with parameter-configured activation (alarm, temperature set-point, direct control via frontal pushbutton, door heater elements, remote motor condenser unit enabling, solenoid valve control enabling where compressor pump-down operation is applied, standby).
  • RS485 for connection to TeleNET industrial supervision network or Modbus-RTU standard protocol.
  • Easy installation and opening thanks to new hinged cover.
  • Can be configured for hot applications or cold applications.
  • Functions for energy saving.


Dimensions:262 x 180 x 97mm
Weight:0.6 kg
Power supply:230 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power:7 VA
Working temperature:-5/+50°C
Storage temperature:-10/+70°C
Relative humidity:<90% RH
Connectable sensor type:NTC 10 KΩ
Control resolution:0.1°C
Probe precision:±0.5°C
Display range:-45/+99°C
Maximum compressor load:1500 W (2HP)
Maximum defrost load:3600 W (AC1)
Maximum fan load:500 W (AC3)
Maximum lighting load:800 W (AC1)
Configurable alarm contact/AUX:Fitted
Remote control system:TELENET/MODBUS-RTU
Enclosure rating:IP65
Enclosure material:Self-extinguishing ABS
Insulation:Class II

Bipolar differential magnetothermic
circuit breaker

16A ID= 300 mA / Switching power 4,5 kA

ID=30 mA (on request) / 16A ID= 300 mA

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