Siemens RAA21 Electromechanical Room Thermostat

The RAA21 room thermostat is used in heating only or cooling only systems to maintain  the selected room temperature.

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Siemens RAA21 Electromechanical Room Thermostat

The RAA21 is a 24-240 volt room thermostat used in heating or cooling applications to maintain the selected room temperature. Its range is from 8-30 degrees Centigrade.

Typical use:
  • Residential applications
  • Light industrial buildings
In conjunction with:
  • Air conditioning
  • heating
  • zone valves or thermal valves
  • gas or oil burners
  • fans
  • pumps
The RAA21 room thermostat has separate outputs for heating only and cooling only. If the room temperature falls below the selected setpoint, the heating contact will close. If the room temperature exceeds the selected setpoint, the cooling contact will close.

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