April 2011: TB720-1102 - Toshiba - Power supply on HIGH STATIC duct within Light Commercial range

5th April 2011

In line with customer feedback, Toshiba air conditioning have produced information clarifying the power supply requirements on the RAV-SM2**2DT-E High static duct indoor units. This model is the only indoor units within Toshiba’s Light Commercial Range which requires a dedicated single phase power supply.

This would be in addition to the standard power supply obtained from terminal L1 of the interconnecting 3 core & earth cables.

The two separate power supplies required at the indoor unit can potentially give rise to a bi-phasing scenario. This situation can lead to 400v.AC being present across terminal beds (see fig. 1).

We recommend the separate power supply required by the indoor units utilises the same phase used on terminal L1 of the outdoor unit.

The equipment must be installed in compliance with local codes of practice and regulations.

Please refer to page 25 of the installation manual supplied with each indoor unit for further details