July 2014: TB3208 - Discontinuation of Impact 'L' & CWWL units

1st July 2014

Impact  CWWL discontinued 

It is with regret that TEV Ltd is no longer able to supply CWW L and Impact L units. This is due to the 

sudden unavailability of the receiver PCBA from our supplier. The following spares are also affected:

04401236S Spare PCBA Display ‘L’ 

04401254S Spare PCBA + REC Impact L 

04401257S Spare PCBA + REC Image 

53701275S Spare L Controls Impact 

53801397S Spare L Controls Image 

96701427S Spare L Controls CWC Image 

96901166S Spare L Controls CWW 


Therefore, we do not have a spare option available for L control receiver PCBAs on the following unit series:

537 series Impact L 

969 series CWW L 

538 series Image L 

967 series CWC L 


This also means that we do no have a main PCBA spare option for units prior to the introduction of the 

ROHS regulations for the same unit series. These are units with a serial number before 1522388 

(approximately November 2006). Units with a later serial number can still use the spare 04401232S to 

replace the main PCBA only. 


The following series of units are unaffected:

552 series 600 Cassette L 

555 series 875 Cassette L 

556 series WM L 

971 series 600 CWC 

972 series 875 CWC 

973 series CWM