Feb 2016: TB/2016/010 - J&E Hall - JCC2 Cellar Coolers extended pipe run

Technical bulletin:TB/2016/010
Title:R410A JCC Cellar Coolers - extended pipe runs
Manufacturer:J&E Hall
Product:JCC2 cellar coolers - R410A
Models:JCC2‐25E / J5LC15C JCC2‐40E / J5LC20C JCC2‐50E / J5LC25C JCC2‐60E / J5LC28C
Date:8 February 2016

Following factory testing, the JCC2 range of R410A Cellar Cooler systems as noted above can now operate with extended pipe runs up to a maximum of 25 metres.

The systems are installed in exactly the same way as previously but the following must be noted:

The additional refrigerant charges for pipe lengths above 7.6 metres have changed and are now as follows:

  • JCC2‐25E: 10g/m 
  • JCC2‐40E: 15g/m 
  • JCC2‐50E: 15g/m 
  • JCC2‐60E: 20g/m 

For systems with pipe lengths above 15m, a condenser fan speed controller should be fitted. Additionally, if the system pipe length exceeds 15m, then the minimum cellar/room temperature will be +6°C.

For full information, please refer to the JCC2 Technical Manual (Issue: 01.02.2016) available from Heronhill. Tel: 01823 665 660.