Jan 2004: TB3175 - Scroll Compressor Spares

10th January 2004

Copeland scroll compressors sold by us as spares have, until now, been supplied with either polyolester (POE) oil (for R407C and R22 units originally lubricated with POE) or mineral oil (for units originally lubricated with mineral oil).

Copeland's current lubricating oil, 3MA, is miscible with POE and mineral oils, allowing direct replacement of compressors on all R407C, R22 and CARE 50 systems (even if the system was originally lubricated with mineral oil). Spares will be labelled accordingly.

All normal precautions should be taken when replacing a compressor. If a burn out or other contamination has occurred, all remaining oil should be purged from the system prior to fitting a new compressor and the necessary burn out filter/drier must be able to reduce moisture levels to 50ppm after several days running.

As 3MA polyolester oil is fully miscible with other POE oils, Copeland advise that it may be topped up with Arctic EAL22CC or Emkarate RL22CF.

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