Jan 2004: NB001-04 - Fan Motor, Product Change Notification - MCU+, MHPUE, MHPUL, CKC

22nd January 2004

The position of the Fan / Motor assembly is being changed in order to increase the distance between the fan blade and the grille. This follows a recommendation made by an external consultant.

Unit performance is not affected.

With immediate effect all Marstair 22 series MCU+ 15-80, MHPUE / L 15-60 and CKC 20-80 will become 23 series units.

Example, 55022005 ( MCU+40 1ph ) will become 55023005.

Prices remain unchanged and revised price lists with the new part numbers will be issued shortly.

The spare Fan / Motor assembly for the  23  series unit is 55023950S.

List price is the same as the 22 series equivalent £126.

Important note: 
The 22 series Fan/Motor spare, 55021005S, and the 23 series Fan/Motor spare are NOT interchangeable.

Similar changes to MCU+ 90-200 and MHPUE / L 80-180 will be introduced as a running change when material stocks of 22 series have been used.