7th January 2005

875 cassette motor and cowl change

This change affects all CC875 and CWC 875 models from serial number 0960650.

In order to improve the consistency of airflow, the relationship between the fan and cowl has been altered:-
The cowl profile is enhanced, and the colour changed from cream to grey.
The motor windings have been respecified to maintain design airflows.
Capacitors are now  5mfd across the range (CWC 875 previously had 4mfd capacitors).

No changes will be perceived by the installer, but the old motor should not be mixed with the new cowl, and vice versa, otherwise incorrect airflows may result.  
To avoid any mismatch, new spare motors will always be sent with a compatible grey cowl and a 5mfd capacitor.

The position with spares is:-
Spares made obsolete
55500518S  COWL & GRILLE ASSY } Distributor stocks may be used on units 
55500515S  MOTOR 230V 1Ph }  with white cowls, serial numbers 
97200617S   MOTOR CWC875 + 4mfd CAPAC } 0960649 and before

Spares continuing
04401025S  CAPACITOR 5mfd   All CC875: CWC 875 with s/n 0960650 and after (grey cowl)

04400547S  CAPACITOR 4mfd   CWC 875 with s/n 0960649 and before(cream cowl)

New spares created
All CC875 and CWC875; backwards compatible 
provided both cowl and motor are replaced. 
(The cowl is shipped fitted with a finger guard).

For further information, please contact:

Technical Services Department,
IMI Air Conditioning Limited,
Armytage Road,
Brighouse, Tel: +44 (0) 1484 405600
West Yorkshire , Fax: +44 (0) 1484 400543
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