7th January 2005

R407C High Pressure Switches

R407C units operate at higher pressures than R22 units and require high pressure switches (when fitted) to operate at the higher cut out pressure of 450 psig (R22 switches are set for 400 psig cut out).

The manual-reset high pressure switch for R407C cool only, or heat pump L, systems is 55000398.
The auto-reset high pressure switch for R407C heat pump E systems is 55000399.

The R22 manual and auto reset HP switches are 55000401 and 55000402 respectively.

These numbers are also used as the spare part numbers.

The refrigerant type is clearly marked on the box; please ensure the correct high pressure switch is ordered and fitted.

(The 2001 Marstair price list shows the part numbers on an addendum label on the back cover).

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