7th January 2005

IMI Air Conditioning products and the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC


The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) has been in transition since 28/11/98 and will be mandatory from 29/5/02. It applies to all equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure, and addresses the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of the products to ensure they are safe when placed on the market and put into service.

Equipment is classified into one of five conformity assessment categories, dependent on :-
The type of equipment
Whether the contained fluid is a liquid or a gas 
The fluid group categorisation
The conformity assessment route is then chosen from graphs specified in the PED.

Scope for IMI Air Conditioning

With a small number of exceptions, all IMI Air Conditioning assemblies and products are in one of the two lower categories: Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) or Category I. The PED states that, where equipment is classified as no higher than Category I, and is already covered by either the Machinery Directive or the Low Voltage Directive, then it is excluded from the scope of the Directive. It also states that SEP equipment shall not be CE marked under the PED.

Products that fall into Category II or above are MCU(+) 200 units and chillers.

IMI actions
Components and products have been assessed for compliance with the PED. Where applicable, component suppliers will CE mark their products.

Only Group 2 fluids will be used by IMI Air Conditioning. This precludes the use of hydrocarbon fluids by IMI  from 29/5/02.

Processes have been assessed, and compliance is monitored under BS EN ISO 9001:1994 by our notified body.

The declaration of conformity for the majority of products will remain unchanged. For those products in Category II or above, the declaration will refer to conformity with the PED.

All IMI units will continue to be CE marked and supplied with an individual declaration of conformity

Products manufactured prior to 29/5/02 and within the scope of the PED may be sold without the declaration of conformity needing to refer to the PED.

From 29/5/02, all products within the scope of the PED will be CE marked and shipped with a reference to the PED in the declaration of conformity.

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