7th January 2005

Upgraded 'L' controls

This change affects Impact L (537, 969), 600 L (552, 969), 875 L (555, 972) and WM L (556, 973) models.

All L units (except Image 160L and Image CWC185L) shipped from Brighouse October 2002 onwards will be fitted with an upgraded version of the L control.

Functionality will be very similar to the previous version, and installers and end users will see little difference; configuring air conditioning mode jumpers is simplified, and a number of operational safety features have been added.

However, each element of the control system; handset, receiver board, main control board, transformer, sensors, is revised, and old and new components are not compatible. This means that care will need to be taken when identifying systems before ordering spares, or handsets for chilled water units.

The new handset buttons are the same as the previous handset. It can be easily recognised as there is  no IMI logo, and access to the buttons and batteries is by sliding down the front cover (previously opening a hinged door).  The display symbols are the same, with only the fan speed slightly different.

The main differences are:-


For easy recognition of the new units, cartons will be labelled  2002 CONTROLS . 
This will continue until the end of December 2002.


Spares are available for both old and new versions of the  L  controls

Clear descriptions of old and new spares will be added to spares parts lists.



The CW remote controller has a new number for the 2002 specification:


For further information, please contact:

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