10th January 2005

Electrical Terminals in 600 and 875 Series Cassettes

In response to a small number of reported loose electrical connections, we are changing the type of terminals fitted to all 600 and 875 series cassettes. The current, screw type terminals will be replaced with spade terminals, which will have the added benefit of simplifying the installation of field fit kits.
As there are large numbers of units with screw terminals already in the field, it will be necessary to modify certain kits to ensure they are compatible with either terminal type.
The following kits for 600 and/or 875 units have been identified as requiring an upgrade to meet this specification.

97100310  Kit 5m Condensate Pump
97100311  Kit gravity drain high level alarm
97100801  Kit 4 port CW valve
97100803  Kit 4 port CW valve
97100805  Kit 2 port CW valve
97100811  Kit 2 port LPHW valve
97100807  Kit 4 port LPHW valve
97100809  Kit 4 port LPHW valve
55200300  Kit heater 2 kW
97100309  Kit 0.5m condensate pump

Any of the above kits that you have in stock should be returned to IMI Air Conditioning Limited to be reworked. Please liase with Tony Chew on 01484 405695 to arrange for their return and rework.

Pipe Termination Insulation

Two pieces of insulation have been provided with 600 series cassettes, to be fitted over the pipe termination flare fittings. In keeping with common practice within the supply of cassettes, these insulation pieces will no longer be provided with the 600 series units.

600 Series Cassette filters

In keeping with our policy of continuous improvement, the filter medium used on all 600 series cassette units has been upgraded. The new medium has a higher fire retardancy rating than that previously used. The spare part number for the new filter is 55201153S. Part numbers for fascia spares for these units will not change but the spares will include the new filter.

875 series cassette filters will be upgraded to the same specification once current stocks have been exhausted. A further bulletin will be issued when this takes place.

For further information, please contact:

Technical Services Department
IMI Air Conditioning Limited
Armytage Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01484 405600
Fax: 01484 400543

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