10th January 2005

600 and 875 Cassettes

a) Foam blanking pieces

Until now, foam blanking pieces have been shipped with 600 and 875 cassettes, allowing 3-way rather than 4-way discharge. To minimise site work and ensure that 4-way discharge is achieved in normal installations, the foam will in future not be factory fitted, but will be available as a kit, 55500316, at  £5.00 or 8 Euros list. This kit will suit both 600 and 875 cassettes.

b) Fascia corner mouldings

These are provided to support the universal joint linkages when a vane motor is fitted. The mouldings will now be included in the Vane Motor Kit 97100312.

Please advise IMI Air Conditioning of your existing stock of 97100312 at your earliest convenience.  We will then arrange for their return and rework (to include the mouldings and updated instructions).

For further information, please contact:

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West Yorkshire Fax: 01484 400543
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