TB3192 - PIPE THERMOSTAT KIT 96200070 (Airking)

1st May 2005

Pipe Thermostat Kit 96200070 (Airking)

This kit is for fan coils on 2 pipe systems supplied from a reverse cycle chiller (or chiller + boiler) to enable a single valve to operate in both heating and cooling modes. It prevents the room thermostat calling for cooling and the valve being opened when the flow is hot water, and vice versa.

The thermostat in this kit has been replaced by one more suitable for installation on small pipe diameters. The compact design and flying leads make the new thermostat easy to install.

The set points are now preset, with the Heating signal connected to the valve when the pipe temperature is greater than 28°C and the Cooling signal connected the to the valve when the pipe temperature is less than 18°C.

The kit is backwards compatible with shipped products.