TB3181 - 600 CASSETTES

1st September 2005

600 Cassettes

A new design of fan, motor and cowl is to be introduced on 600 series cassettes (552 and 971 series): airflow is unaffected, but the new fan is slightly quieter.

The change will be implemented in production week commencing 3rd May 2002, with deliveries commencing as buffer stocks containing the previous fan are run out.

The main difference is that the new 9-blade fan rotates counterclockwise (in common with the 875 series cassette) unlike the original 11-blade fan, which rotated clockwise. 
The motor and cowl both change to suit the new fan.

The change of rotation means that care must be taken when ordering spares:-

New individual spare part numbers will be:
55200656S Spare cowl assembly
55200657S Spare fan assembly
55200658S Spare motor assembly
These new spares can only be used on the new design.

A small stock of the original spares will be available for use on product shipped prior to the change:
55200526S Spare cowl assembly
55200530S Spare fan assembly
55200520S Spare motor assembly

When these stocks run out, the fan, motor and cowl will be shipped as:
55200659S Spare motor/fan/cowl assembly
which will cover all fan or motor spare needs for units made prior to the change.

HLR Fresh Air Filter

The fresh air intake filter media will no longer be factory fitted to HLR 460/540 back panels, allowing the installer to determine his own choice of filter.

There will be no visible difference to end users and cooling/heating is unaffected.

875 Cassette Capacitor

Air volumes produced in the 875 series cassette, when fitted with a 5 F fan motor capacitor, have been found to be higher than those published, leading to an increase in sound levels.

By changing the fan motor capacitor to 4 F the original specification is restored. 
All 875 series cassettes now have a 4 F fan motor capacitor.

Spare part number for the 4 F capacitor is 04400547S.

For further information, please contact:
Technical Services Department
IMI Air Conditioning Limited
Armytage Road
West Yorkshire Tel: 01484 405600
HD6 1QF Fax: 01484 400543 TB3181