12th September 2005

Cellarator Expansion Devices

As previously announced, the new plastic cabinet CX cellar coolers will be available from 1st October 2003, 
matched with CKC outdoor units.
The expansion assembly will be in the indoor CX unit, and the CKC will continue, as now, without an expansion assembly.

For those customers who prefer a stainless steel version, the CK range will remain an option until further notice.
However, the expansion assembly will not be supplied with this range, so CK indoor units must be matched with a standard MCU+ containing the expansion assembly.

Orders placed for CK matched with CKC up to and including 12th September will be accepted, and for those orders the CK boxes will be marked  Match with CKC unit.

The following table summarises the matches that may be ordered from 15th September:


For all CX and CK Cellarator systems, the installer still has the option of using a short un-insulated liquid line (with the expansion assembly at the indoor unit), or with a longer, insulated expansion line (with the expansion assembly at the outdoor unit): but each system must have only one expansion assembly.

Prices are shown in the new price list (06617580-02) circulated 5th September 2003.