J&E Hall Fusion Scroll Refrigeration Condensing Unit

The extremely efficient Fusion Scroll commercial condensing units are the perfect solution for commercial sectors where noise, size and reliability are paramount.

Available in both medium and low temperature the scroll units house an efficient Copeland scroll compressor.
  • Medium temperature 1.74 kW to 24.93 kW
  • Low temperature 0.90 kW to 10.40 kW

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

J&E Hall Fusion Scroll Refrigeration Condensing Units

Designed for commercial refrigeration applications, the Fusion reciprocating range of condensing units are ideal for those demanding a compact and reliable unit.
  • Medium temperature 0.53kW to 21.11kW
  • Low temperature 0.18kW to 11.37kW
  • Operate on multiple refrigerants
  • F Gas compliant
The Fusion range is acoustically lined and house a reciprocating compressor which is fitted with a compressor jacket to further reduced noise. Fusion units are able to withstand the most stringent weather conditions and the integral IP54 rated control panel provides further protection to electrical components.

Medium temperature models in the Fusion scroll range:
  • JEHS-0200-B2-M-1
  • JEHS-0200-B2-M-3
  • JEHS-0250-B2-M-1
  • JEHS-0250-B2-M-3
  • JEHS-0300-B2-M-1
  • JEHS-0300-B2-M-3
  • JEHS-0350-B3-M-1
  • JEHS-0350-B3-M-3
  • JEHS-0400-B3-M-1
  • JEHS-0400-B3-M-3
  • JEHS-0500-B3-M-3
  • JEHS-0600-B3-M-3
  • JEHS-0680-B3-M-3
  • JEHS-0800-B4-M-3
  • JEHS-1000-B4-M-3
  • JEHS-1300-B4-M-3
Low temperature models in the Fusion scroll range:
  • JEHR-0175-B2-L-1
  • JEHR-0175-B2-L-3
  • JEHR-0225-B2-L-1
  • JEHR-0225-B2-L-3
  • JEHS-0200-B2-L-3
  • JEHS-0300-B2-L-3
  • JEHS-0400-B3-L-3
  • JEHS-0500-B3-L-3
  • JEHS-0600-B3-L-3
  • JEHS-0750-B4-L-3
J & E Hall Fusion and Fusion Scroll units offer the perfect solution for commercial refrigeration sectors. Energy efficiency is key to our product design. 

J&E Hall has listened carefully to customer feedback and develop fully factory-built units that are energy-efficient, quiet and easy to install.
  • Energy-efficient solution
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Multi-refrigerant options: Includes R134A, R404A, R407A, R407F, R448A, R449A and R452A.

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