Aspen ERRP Refrigerated Cabinet Pump

Designed exclusively to fit underneath retail refrigeration cabinets, the lightweight plastic ERRP (Economical Retail Refrigeration Pump) allows for the removal of defrost and contaminated water.

Aspen ERRP Refrigerated Cabinet Pump

Standing at a height of only 100mm, it is a simple but very effective solution for removing condensate where gravity drains aren't possible.

Ideal for use under individual refrigeration units with limited space, it is suitable for both the OEM market and for direct installers.

Height: 100mm / Footprint: 590 x 405mm. Where possible pumps should be powered from an electrical supply separate to the cabinet.

For cabinets with very little space, the Low Profile ERRP pump is only 75mm high.

Key Features
  • Lightweight & slim
  • Easy to clean and carry Filter to catch debris
  • Plug & play
  • Refrigeration units; cold store cabinets

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