Aspen Silent + Mini Lime FP3322 Condensate Pump

The Silent+ Mini Lime is designed around a ‘total system approach’ and includes many features to create a truly silent system. Perfect for offices and meeting rooms.
(‘Pump only pack’ also available).

Aspen Silent+Mini Lime Condensate Pump

The new Silent+Mini Lime pump includes a high performance motor as well as an acoustic damper and anti-vibration tubing and is the quietest pump in its class.

This pump will benefit end-users who are looking for quieter air conditioning operation in areas such as offices and meeting rooms. The new Silent+Mini Lime will help to achieve that.

Key Features
  • Acoustic damper Pump sits in trunking elbow, ideal for use with Inoac trunking.
  • Left or right install
  • Range of trunking systems
  • Up to 16kW
  • High wall split systems
  • Perfect for... Commercial use where silence is important

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