Aspen FP2210 Maxi Orange Condensate Pump

Need more performance?

Designed for larger units, the Maxi Orange pump gives you the extra power when you need it.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Aspen Maxi Orange Condensate Pump

Designed to be installed:
  • above the false ceiling where possible
  • in plastic trunking conduit
  • behind wall-mounted evaporators
By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir and placing the pump drive within the evaporator, condensate water can be pumped to a height of 15 metres. With the Maxi Orange kit, there are two reservoirs to choose from, one allows you to connect directly to the drain hose of the evaporator and the second reservoir can be placed directly into a condensate tray, providing it is sitting flat and horizontal.

  • High power motor
  • Superior performance
  • Submersible secondary reservoir included
  • Up to 46kW
  • High wall split systems; Ducted units; Floor standing & Chassis units
  • Perfect for... Large commercial units


Max. flow:35 litres/hr. @ 0m head
Max. suction lift:2m
Power supply:230 V AC, 0.11 Amp, 16 Watt, 50/60 Hz
Class:II appliance
Max. water temp.40°C
IP protection:IP21
Max. recommended head:15m
Sound level:35 dB(A) @ 1m
Max. AC unit output:46kW
Discharge tube:6mm ID
Safety switch:3.0A normally closed

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