Mad Dog MD4.3 Condensate Tank Pump

A fully automatic sump pump with high-level alarm designed to remove condensate water from air conditioners, refrigerated display cabinets, furnace burners or boilers and de-humidifiers.

Manufactured for Heronhill by a well known American manufacturer.

Mad Dog MD4.3 Condensate Pump

The Mad Dog MD4.3 has been designed for quick and easy installation, simple low-cost maintenance and to provide a long and trouble-free operational life.

The MD4.3 has some unique features including an easily maintained 1.9-litre tank, two top-entry tank inlets, high-level alarm facility and a 3/8" non-return valve assembly which is fitted as standard.

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 294 ltrs/hr 
  • Maximum Pumping Head: 4.3 metres 
  • Tank Capacity: 1.9 litres 
  • Inlet Connections: 35mm OD 
  • Outlet Connection: 10mm


Max. flow:294 litres/hr @ 0m head
Tank capacity:1.9 litres
Power supply:230 V AC, 0.6 Amp, 50 Hz
Class:not specified
Max. water temp.60°C
Outlets:6mm & 10mm
IP protection:IP20
Max. recommended head:4.3m
Sound level:58-62 dB(A) @ 1m
Rated:Non continuous
Max. AC unit output:not specified
Inlets:3 x 28mm
Safety switch:overflow detection switch

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