Little Giant EC-400 Micro-pump

A micro-pump from Little Giant designed to remove condensate from wall mounted, ceiling and cassette split air conditioning equipment.

Little Giant EC-400 Micro-pump

The EC-400 is a complete pumping system designed to remove condensation from wall mounted, ceiling and cassette split air conditioning equipment. The EC-400 consists of 2 components: pump/control unit and reservoir.

The compact, two-piece design allows installation in every system. Both components can be placed into the air handler. The pump is self-priming and can be placed inside air handler or located up to 1.0m above the reservoir.

  • Compact condensate drain pump for all types of ductless mini-split air conditioners and other types of cooling equipment such as fan coils, wall mount, suspended ceiling and floor mount.
  • Automatic pump operation controlled by a remote collection reservoir containing a 3-step float/magnet reed switch design for reliable on, off, and safety overflow detection
  • Can be connected to BMS systems having Normally Open or Normally Closed circuits
  • Compact float collection reservoir: 8.3mm x 3.8mm x 3.6mm
  • IP20
  • Capable of pumping water to a height of 9m
  • Designed to drain condensate from air conditioners up to 10kW
  • Compact, two-piece design to fit in air conditioners with limited space
  • Low maintenance
  • Includes removable/cleanable inlet filter to trap airborne particles
  • Includes natural rubber inlet tube for connection to air conditioner drain hose
  • Includes 1m x  mm I.D. tubing for connection between reservoir and pump inlet
  • Includes spring clamps for securing reservoir pump inlet tubing
  • Pump unit can be placed within a false ceiling up to 1m above water source (reservoir) or inside plastic line-set channel or behind wall mounted air handler
  • Includes 4 mm to 6 mm I.D. tubing outlet adapter

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