Aspen FP2212 Mini Orange Condensate Pump

The world's best selling mini pump offers unrivalled reliability and performance.

£78.00 ex VAT

Aspen Mini Orange Condensate Pump

This pump is designed to collect hot water from humidifier drain down cycles and the normal condensate from any associated air conditioning or boiler systems. The pump unit is built of heat resistant cycloy and operates the same way as the heavy duty pumps.

  • Submersible secondary reservoir included
  • Plug & play
  • Anti-siphon device
  • Up to 16kW
  • High wall split systems; Ducted units; Floor-standing & Chassis units
  • Perfect for... smaller commercial & domestic units


Max. flow:12 litres/hr @ 0m head
Max. suction lift:2m
Power supply:230 V AC, 0.11 Amp, 16 Watt, 50/60 Hz
Class:II appliance
Max. water temp.40°C
IP protection:IP21
Max. recommended head:10m
Sound level:21 dB(A) @ 1m
Max. AC unit output:16 kW
Discharge tube:6mm ID
Safety switch:3.0A normally closed

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