Aspen Max Hi-Flow Tank Pump

The best in class Max Hi-Flow tank pump carries on the Aspen Pumps tradition of build quality & high performance.

With the lowest dB(A) rating & best IP rating (IP24 splash proof) of any tank pump, the Max Hi-Flow is the quietest & safest pump in its class.

Aspen Hi-Flow Tank Pump

The highly competitive Hi-Flow Tank Pumps are designed to collect condensate water from air conditioning machines, refrigeration units, gas boilers etc, and operate when the float rises to discharge a head of 4 metres.

The deck of the pump is made from clear polycarbonate for quick and easy internal inspection. It is built with two floats; one to operate the pump and the other has a pre-wired safety switch incorporated to wire into the circuit to prevent water leaks from sensitive installations if necessary.

Key Features

  • IP24 - Splashproof
  • Easy access tank
  • Built-in spirit level
  • Plug & play


  • Up to 733kW
  • Ducted units; Floor-standing & Chassis units; Cassette units

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