Aspen Hi-Lift Tank Pump

The world’s only peristaltic tank pump offers unsurpassed high head and unmatched reliability. 

Aspen Hi-Lift Tank Pumps

The Hi-lift Tank Pumps operate when the float rises, and two extremely useful features are: it does not syphon back and it discharges a head of 12 metres. The deck of the pump is made from clear polycarbonate for quick and easy inspection. It is built with 2 floats: one to operate the pump and the other a safety float to be wired into the air conditioning unit control circuit as a matter of good practice. 

The pump is a peristaltic rotary type which means that it is quiet in operation, very reliable and will run dry without fear of damage or any embarrassing noise. It is not sensitive to waterborne contaminants as reciprocating pumps are and there is no water sensor to fail.

Key Features
  • IP24 - Splashproof
  • Easy access tank
  • Built-in spirit level
  • Plug & play
  • Up to 733kW
  • Ducted units; Floor-standing & Chassis units; Cassette units

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