Aspen Mechanical FP2078 Peristaltic Condensate Pump

Bringing mini-pump and peristaltic pump technology together.

Simply position the remote reservoir (float switch) in the condensate tray or fix to the drain-pipe connection (depending on the chosen reservoir). Alarm option available.

Aspen Mechanical Peristaltic Pump

The Mechanical peristaltic pump is the latest model. The pump is designed to be mounted remotely if required and has a 3 metre lead to the float switch. Simply connect the float switch to the condensate tray or drainpipe fitting.

Key Features
  • Float switch operated
  • Remote install possible
  • Submersible secondary reservoir included
  • Up to 8.5kW / 29,000Btu/h
  • High wall split systems; Ducted units; Floor standing & Chassis units

Peristaltic pumps have the advantage of pumping dirty water or pumping dry without damaging the pump or making a noise.

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