Aspen FP2080 MK4 Peristaltic Condensate Pump

The Aspen MK4 peristaltic is operated using two water sensors. The lower sensor comes into contact with water, the heat conductivity from that sensor provides a temperature difference between the second energising the pump.

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Aspen MK4 Peristaltic Pump

Simply connect MK4 peristaltic pump to a permanent mains supply, fit the sensor to the air conditioner drip tray and connect to the drip tray using the vinyl tube supplied. The MK4 Pump can be mounted remotely, as it is self-priming to a height of 3 metres, and will pump 6.5 litres per hour against a maximum head of 12 metres.

Unlike other pumps using either mechanical or electrical conductivity sensors, the MK4 does not suffer from corrosion or contamination problems. The water level detector has two sensors within the head which warm up to 15°C above ambient. When the lower sensor comes into contact with water, the heat conductivity from the sensor provides a temperature difference setting the pump into motion.

The pump will only turn off when the water level has reduced below the lower sensor and any moisture on the sensor has evaporated. The mk4 operates in dirty water.

Key Features

  • Water sensor operated
  • Remote install possible
  • Pumps contaminated water
  • Can run dry
  • Up to 8.5kW / 29,000 Btu/h
  • High Wall Split Systems; Ducted units; Floor-standing & Chassis units


Max. flow:6.5 litres/hr @ 12m head
Max. suction lift:3m
Power supply:230 V AC, 0.2 Amp, 50/60 Hz
Class:I appliance
Max. water temp.40°C
IP protection:IP21
Max. recommended head:12m
Sound level:47 dB(A) @ 1m
Max. AC unit output:8.5kW
Discharge tube:6mm ID
Safety switch:n/a

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