LTB GI Ducted Indoor Units

Matched with their ducted condensing units, the LTB ducted indoor units are ideal where the installation needs to be concealed.

LTB GI Ducted Indoor Units

  • Wired remote control with temperature sensor
  • Optional infrared remote control
  • 3-speed fan
  • Low-noise
  • Compatible with R407C and R410A
Ducted indoor units can be used for:
  • Cooling only, matched with an air-cooled or water-cooled condensing unit
  • Cooling and electrical heating, matched with an air-cooled or water-cooled condensing unit
  • Cooling and reverse cycle heating, matched with a reverse-cycle heat pump

Rated cooling cap. (1)2.0-2.5kW3.3-5.0kW3.3-5.0kW7.0kW8.8-9.5kW8.8-9.5kW12.3-17.5kW
Rated heating capacity (2)2.6-3.2kW3.85-5.85kW3.85-5.85kW7.6kW9.67-10.3kW9.67-10.3kW13.4-18.7kW
Power supply230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz
Airflow (L/M/H) m3/hr.

425/ 459/ 510

867/ 937/ 1020 

816/ 918/ 10201122/ 1241/ 1360
1513/ 1785/ 2040
1649/ 1836/ 20402482/ 2754/ 3060
Sound pressure @ 1m (L/M/H) dB(A)35/36/3735/37/3927/38/4038/40/4239/40/4250/59/6457/63/67
Dimensions (LxDxH)665 x 440 x 212mm930 x 470 x 215mm1020 x 580 x 290mm1130 x 490 x 240mm1340 x 580 x 290mm1205 x 730 x 370mm1425 x 730 x 370mm

(1) Rated performance is given for an air-on temperature of +27°C / 50% RH in cooling mode and +20°C in heating mode.
(2) Rated heating power when used with an LTB reversible condensing unit.

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