Quartz Sapphire Chilled Water Fan Coil

The Sapphire Series of Chilled Water Fan Coils combines years of engineering expertise in the field of Chilled Water products with the latest technology to make it one of the most cost-effective and advanced product ranges available today.

The Quartz fan coil range is differentiated by their depth:
  • Amethyst fan coils: 175mm deep
  • Amber fan coils: 235mm deep
  • Sapphire fan coils: 285mm deep

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Quartz Sapphire Chilled Water Fan Coil

  • Very low sound levels are achievable due to the range’s high-quality fire rated Class ”O” thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • High-efficiency EC/DC fan motors allow for high airflows against high static resistance, while still maintaining a very low specific fan power.
  • All fans are ERP 2015 Compliant.
  • Designed to enable quick and easy installation for both ceiling and floor void applications.
  • Flexible spigot options to enable easy ductwork routing including the option of 250mm & 200mm diameter spigots or, as an option, a front rectangular spigot.
  • Low maintenance filters with greatly extended service intervals.
  • A comprehensive range of valves and controls are available (including PICV & BMS options).
  • Unique spigot connection for quick removal / refit.
  • Can be supplied with left or right handed controls.
EC/DC fan motors, offer significant energy savings when compared with their AC counterparts, are now the standard offering for Sapphire range of fan coils. These highly efficient fan motors can ensure that our fan coils consume around the same energy during the year as the parasitic control load of the building.

Quartz have led the way in offering a range of fan coils that have been optimised for higher cooling water temperatures to maximise the chiller efficiency available at these higher temperatures. Indeed, a recent study carried out by an independent consultant on behalf of HEVAC’s Fan Coil Group identified that a fan coil system utilising the same water temperatures as an Active Chilled Beam system only used a couple of percent more in terms of energy (kWh) than an Active Chilled Beam system. Further details of this innovative range are available on request.

For performance and technical data download the Sapphire Brochure from the downloads section above.

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