Wine Guardian Humidifier

Designed to increase humidity levels in any size commercial or residential wine cellar. The humidifier fits to the side of a Wine Guardian ducted packaged unit or ducted split system.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Wine Guardian Humidifier

Wine Guardian humidifiers are designed to increase humidity levels in any size commercial or residential wine cellar. As with all Wine Guardian products, these humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability to ensure your wine collection ages at its finest.

Wine Guardian's wine cellar humidifiers are available for use with their ducted packaged units and ducted split systems.

Humidifier Features
  • Monitors and controls humidity in the wine cellar
  • Evaporative drip pad system with removable cover and cleanable pad for easy access and maintenance
  • Commercial-grade & lightweight, all-aluminum components
  • Uses Wine Guardian remote interface for control and readout; a separate controller is not needed
  • Installs on either side of the system for ease of installation
  • Powered directly from Wine Guardian unit; no separate power source required

Integrated humidifier WG40, WG75 & WG100 will fit the following models:

  • Air-cooled ducted systems: WG40, WG75 and WG100 
  • Water-cooled ducted systems: WG40WC, WG75WC and WG100WC
  • Split systems: WGS40, WGS75 and WGS100
Integrated humidifier WG175 will fit the following models:
  • Air-cooled ducted system: WG175
  • Water-cooled ducted system: WG175WC
  • Split system: WGS175
Unfortunately, Wine Guardian's stand-alone humidifier is no longer available.

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