Marstair CXE Multi-split Cellar Cooling

The popular Marstair CXE Cellarator is now available as either a twin or triple split system.

Multi-split systems are ideal for the larger or irregular shaped cellars.

This product is not yet available to buy online, to place an order please call 01823 665 660.

Marstair CXE Multi-split Cellar Cooling Systems

With its revolutionary one-piece moulded body, impregnated with an anti-bacterial additive, the CXE is ideal for cellar cooling, food preparation areas and any areas requiring controlled temperatures down to 8°C.

The Cellarator provides consistent temperature control with economy, ease of maintenance, flexible positioning, hygiene, safety and reliability.

The multi-split Cellarator systems consist of 1 condensing unit matched with 1 master evaporator unit and either 1 or 2 slave evaporator units.
  • Capacity range from 4.8-11.0 kW @12.7°C Twin Split and 9.1-14.0 kW Triple Split.
  • Long pipe runs up to 80m
  • The unit controls temperatures down to 8°C
  • De-ice stat as standard
  • An antibacterial agent is added to the chassis during the moulding process for complete mould protection throughout the material
  • 6 fins-per-inch brewery specification heat exchanger
  • Mounting brackets suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting and a waterproof power switch
  • Direct access to the electrics at the front of the unit
  • ABS drain tray incorporating standard 22mm OD fitting drain stub
  • Factory fitted electric heater option 3kW per evaporator
  • Outdoor condensing units incorporating a low-pressure switch, HP switch, expansion device and low ambient start as standard​
  • Stylish design chassis with rounded corners for safety

Please note: Multi-split systems are now supplied with Marstair CKC condensing units, not MCU units as before. CKC condensing units are supplied with a nitrogen holding charge.

Cooling capacity at 27°C external ambient temperature
EvaporatorsCondensing unitCap at 8°C (kW)Cap at 12.7°C (kW)
2 x CXE30CKC+503.904.80
2 x CXE50CKC+805.606.90
2 x CXE50CKC+906.407.30
2 x CXE50CKC+1007.308.20
2 x CXE70CKC+1007.608.80
2 x CXE70CKC+1308.4010.00
2 x CXE70CKC+1509.5011.00
3 x CXE50CKC+1007.709.10
3 x CXE50CKC+1308.5010.20
3 x CXE50CKC+1509.8011.30
3 x CXE50CKC+16510.8012.50
3 x CXE70CKC+1008.0010.00
3 x CXE70CKC+1308.9011.10
3 x CXE70CKC+15010.0011.50
3 x CXE70CKC+16511.0012.70
3 x CXE70CKC+18012.5014.00

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