Marstair CKC Cellar Cooler Outdoor Unit

The CKC outdoor units are designed to complement the Marstair range of CX cellar coolers and CD3 close control systems using R407C.

These units are similar to the MCU+ range of products but are supplied without an expansion device.

Marstair CKC Cellar Cooler Outdoor Unit

Suitable for wall mounting or free standing, these stylish and slim profile outdoor units are easy to install and include the following features:
  • Suction and liquid service valves
  • Fan speed head pressure control
  • Low ambient start timer
  • 3-minute delay timer / random start timer
  • Crankcase Heater (reciprocating only)
  • Contactor
  • LP switch (auto)
  • HP switch (auto)
  • Factory charged with R407C
  • Up to 80m pipe runs (Models 15-20 up to 50m)
  • CKC+ 15-40 (Reciprocating compressors)
  • CKC+ 50-200 (Scroll compressors)

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