BeerTech AirFlow

BeerTech AirFlow
BeerTech AirFlow
BeerTech AirFlow
BeerTech AirFlowBeerTech AirFlowBeerTech AirFlow

This is entirely new technology that has been developed for publicans and can offer substantial benefits as detailed below:

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The system comprises:

  • A control box containing computerised technology
  • A near silent fan to bring in ambient air from outside
  • A quality filter to prevent contaminates coming in from outside
  • A high powered fan to circulate the ambient air around the cellar

Summary of AirFlow System Benefits:

  1. Based on BBC Weather forecasts roughly about 60% of the year temperatures reach 9 degrees or below, our system, bringing in ambient air from outside maintains correct cellar temperature and internal cooling systems are closed down, allowing serious reduction in electricity costs.
  2. Internal coolers being switched off naturally will extend the life of the system by 6 months-1 year over a 5 year period with fewer call outs and extended time between service intervals, making further savings.
  3. It is an accepted fact that faults in cooling systems are difficult to trace during winter months, causing coolers to work harder and, therefore use more energy. Only in summer months are these detected and repaired.
  4. Using figures from the carbon trust publicans can expect to save around 3 tons of carbon per annum, this is particularly important for larger groups in view of the carbon tax being introduced at some stage.
  5. Currently cellars work in a vacuum creating stale air sometimes allowing formation of mould. With the airflow system constantly changing the air with fresh air this problem can almost be eradicated.
  6. Return on investment should average no more than 10-12 months.
  7. Running hours on the down time of cellar cooling system are recorded and by simply multiplying the price you pay per kw/per hour you can determine accurately what savings you are achieving. Ie most coolers, depending on size use 3kw-6kw per hour. These, of course only run intermitently when cellar temperature rises.

Environmental & Cost Savings : AirFlow System

Cost Savings

  • By cutting off cellar cooler for 50%-60% of the year outlets can save £1000-£1200 per annum.
  • The cellar cooling being switched off, cooling system life will be extended with less call outs.
  • The above percentage figures are based on BBC weather figures showing temperatures typically reach 9 degrees for at least 50%-60% per annum


Environmental Savings

  • Working on the calculations supplied by The Carbon Trust pubs can expect to save an average 3 tons of emissions per annum.