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Product Reference: SAPPHIRE

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The Quartz Sapphire series is a very versatile, high power fan coil unit that meets some very demanding heating and cooling requirements, providing discreet, effective and reliable climate control.

The product is the result of an original dependable design now coupled to an extensive development programme supported by customer research.

The popular tried and trusted Sapphire now included the latest features to lead the way in fan coil units.

* Greater selection of units with the use of high quality, high output, counter flow multi row coil options to ensure optimum performance for all cooling and heating parameters.

* A very compact low energy consumption motor that compliments low noise levels with high performance coils.  A true thoroughbred amoungst fan coil units.

* High quality casings in horizontal configurations this range is flexible from intake to discharge, but offers most options as standard.  Suitable for rectangular or circular spigots up to 250mm diameter.

* Sapphire incorporates class O fire rated thermal and acoustic insulation.  Quiet in use - room occupants will appreciate the very low sound levels.

* 27 speed settings over a wide range of voltages.  This level of adjustment facility ensures easy and accurate commissioning using the standard three speeds and fine adjustment.

Sapphire Fan coil units continue to lead the way in Fan Coil waterside control technology.  This household name in units has been blazing a trail for almost a decade.  The latest developments will ensure this continues for the next decade.