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Product Reference: AMBER

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The Quartz Amber series is a very compact, high power fan coil unit that meets some very exacting heating and cooling requirements, providing discreet, effective climate control.

It is the result of an innovative design and development programme supported by customer feedback.

Amber features a flush panelled, extra rigid casing and a stainless steel 'free flow' drain pan.

* Quiet in use - room occupants will appreciate the very low sound levels.  Amber utilises Class O fire rated thermal and acoustic insulation.

* Low maintenance filter - an innovative new filter arrangement means greatly extended service intervals.  Servicing costs are reduced, disruption minimised - benefiting everyone.

* A very compact low energy consumption motor that combines low noise levels and high performance with carefully matched coils.  Excellent performance characteristics and reduced running costs are the result.

* Easier and safer installation with reinforced, slotted mounting points and interchangeable spigots/blanking plates.  Innovative space saving plenums allow for easy duct fixing.

* Protected, easy access control enclosure with iluminated on/off switch, plus three speed and fine adjustment setting giving multiple speed selections.

* External resistances up to 100Pa.