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Product Reference: MINIBLUE

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* No Filters - Unique patented pumping principle reliably removes condensate and debris

* No Noise - Silent when running either wet or dry

* No Call Outs - Inherently reliable, self priming with multi year warranty

* No Cost Penalty - Peristaltic performance at the price of a piston

* No Time Wasted - Small enough to quickly fit or retro-fit into any existing installation

* Performance - 8 litres/hour flow

                       - 10 metres head

                       - 8 metre suction lift


There are two different options with the MiniBlue;

MiniBlue:  Option 1 - 230v Cooling Signal

Pump runs continuously when air conditioning unit is in use.  Integral run-on timer ensures all traces of condensate are removed after the AC unit is turned off.

MiniBlue T/S: Option 2 - Hot and Cold Sensor

Hot-cold thermistors mounted in air inlet and outlet of room unit sensing when cooling occurs.  Runs pump constantly when A/C 'on' regardless of whether producing condensate.  A universal stepped adapter is supplied with each pump designed to connect any drain pipe to the MiniBlue