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Product Reference: DCU+

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Designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality components, Marstair's range of condensing units have been developed primarily to complement their comprehensive selection of split system air handling units. Marstair's range of condensing units are equally suited for use in a wide variety of refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning applications. Compatible selections can be found within the extensive range of units offered.

DCU+ ducted models have centrifugal fans, which allow them to be sited indoors, with outdoor air being ducted into and out of the building. This feature is particularly useful for visually sensitive applications or where local planning regulations do not allow equipment on the outside of buildings. DCU+ models are available in the range from 2 to 8kW.

* Suitable for ducted indoor applications * Reciprocating compressors * Suction and liquid service valves * Fan speed head pressure control * Crankcase heater * Contactor * LP switch (auto) * HP switch (auto) * 3 minute start delay timer * Random start timer * Low ambient start timer * Factory charged with R407C