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Product Reference: EC400

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The EC-400 is a complete pumping system designed to remove condensation from wall mounted, ceiling and cassette split air conditioning equipment. The EC-400 consists of 2 components: pump/control unit and reservoir. The compact, two-piece design allows installation in every system. Both components can be placed into the air handler. Pump is self-priming and can be placed inside air handler or located up to 1.0m above reservoir. A three position symmetrical float detection system assures reliable ON, OFF and SAFETY ALARM functions.

Features *Fully automatic: Start, Stop, Overflow detection *Compact two-piece design for uick and flexible installation *Pump is sef priming and can be placed inside air handler or located up to 1,0m above reservoir *Reservoir is connected to condensate drain pipe *Maximum Flow: 14 l/h *Maximum head: 12m (39 ft.) *Design Operating point: 6 l/h at 4,0 m (13.1 ft.) *Use with air conditioning equipment up to 10 kW (30,000 BTU) *Reservoir vent with tube included *Themally protected motor *Pump outlet designed for 4 x 6mm tubing *IP20 *Dimensions: Pump / Control: 110mm x 35mm x 45mm *Reservoir: 80mm x 37mm x 35mm *Weight: 0,39 kgs *Quiet operation