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Product Reference: ETI293-001

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The Thermadata Logger is probably the most cost effective temperature data-logger or blind recording thermometer available today. It is a self-contained instrument designed to record the temperature of each Thermadata's surrounding environment. The total recording time and sample rate can be easily selected from the software and,unlike most low cost loggers,the Thermadata Logger will continue recording during and after downloading of the data. By selecting 'continuous logging' it is possible to start the Thermadata Logger only once and never have to reset its parameters again,even if downloaded regulary. The user can set high and low alarm values for an application. A button push will allow a simple visual inspection of the unit to show if either of these limits have been exceeded. An illuminated red LED will warn the user that the alarm limits have been exceeded (reject) or an illuminated green LED will advise the user that the alarm limits have not been exceeded (accept).